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  • Electric Can Crusher, Automatic Electric can crushers for recycling 12oz~16oz cans, Can fill 7 cans at a time, Automatic loading can crusher for recycling Aluminum Seltzer, Cola, Beer Cans

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    ELECTRIC CAN CRUSHER: FSTCRT electric can crusher uses electrical energy as its power source, making it easy to find the necessary energy sources at home or in ommercial settings, eliminating the need to prepare a bulky air compressor in advance like a pneumatic can crusher, Nor does it require a lot of effort like a manual can crusher to flatten cans, which can be easily operated by young, elderly, and even children to crush cans.
    SUITABLE FOR 12OZ~16OZ CANS: This electric can crushers use adjustable frame design suitable for crusher 12oz~16oz aluminum cans ; Maximum Can to be crushed OD 3.3 inch and Height 7.2 inch. Use for recycle aluminum soda, pop, cola and beer cans.
    AUTOMATIC CYCLE+MANUAL BUTTON CONTROL: This electronic can crusher adopts three button controls(forward, backward, and automatic cycle functions). When you press and hold the forward or backward button, the can crusher will operate according to your instructions. When you press the automatic cycle, the machine will enter automatic can pressing mode, and you only need to fill the can into the rack.